These are our local priorities and the areas that we think are the most important.

  1. Mental Health
    This is as important to us as your physical health and you should have easy and straightforward access to these services
  2. Your first point of contact
    We want to make health services that you would use when it’s not urgent better by thinking about them differently and making them easier to access when you need them. This includes GP services and community health services such as district nursing
  3. Healthcare needed urgently
    If you need healthcare in an emergency we are working to ensure it’s the best service when and where you need it
  4. Working together
    You should tell your story once and we should work to make sure there are a group of people working around your needs
  5. You’re in charge
    We will support you to look after yourself and give you tools and opportunities to care for your own conditions
  6. NHS is for you
    These are the promises we make to our patients, public and staff and we’re proud to work to keep and uphold these promises
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